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    Plastic science - plastic reinforcement materials

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    What is plastic reinforcement material?

    Reinforced plastics are plastics containing reinforced materials and are an important polymer composite material. Reinforced plastics are divided into reinforced thermosetting plastics and reinforced thermoplastics, mainly thermosetting. The reinforcement materials used are metal materials, non-metal materials and polymer materials, and the three are mainly fibrous materials.


    Classification of reinforced plastics

    A. According to the shape of the reinforcement material is divided into:

    1) granular reinforced plastics

    2) Fiber reinforced plastics

    3) Sheet reinforced plastics

    B. According to the material of the reinforcement material:

    1) Cloth, asbestos reinforced plastics

    2) Inorganic mineral filled plastic

    3) Glass fiber reinforced plastics

    4) SMC, BMC and other special fiber reinforced plastics

    5) Metal fiber reinforced plastics


    Glass fiber reinforced plastics

    Glass fiber reinforced plastic (also known as glass fiber reinforced plastic), is a variety of, good performance, a wide range of composite materials. It is a new functional material made of synthetic resin and glass fiber by composite technology.

    1. High strength and high stiffness

    The strength and stiffness of glass fiber reinforced plastic products are much higher than other plastic products. Compared with the metal has the same or better mechanical properties, the weight is only about 1/4 to 1/5 of the metal.

    2. Corrosion resistance

    Glass fiber reinforced plastic products are not susceptible to corrosion and oxidation, and can be used for a long time in humid and corrosive environments.

    3. Good insulation performance

    Glass fiber reinforced plastic products have good insulation properties, mainly used in electronic devices, insulation components and other aspects.

    4. Good plasticity

    Glass fiber reinforced plastic products can be adjusted according to the needs of its performance, relatively easy to process, molding.

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    Causes of corrugation caused by glass fiber reinforced plastics

    1, the pouring gate is small, resulting in the spray phenomenon in the mold cavity

    Solution: The gate size should be modified or the injection pressure should be reduced.

    2. The flow path is tortuous, narrow, poor roughness, and insufficient supply of rubber material

    Solution: The runner should be modified and its roughness reduced, so that the supply of rubber material is sufficient.

    3, the section thickness of the parts is not uniform, the area is large, the shape is complex,

    Solution: The parts should be set so that the thickness of the section is consistent, or the protruding plates and raised lines on the parts should be removed.

    4, mold cooling system is improper or mold temperature is low

    Solution: Adjust the cooling system or increase the mold temperature.

    5, melt temperature, mold or nozzle temperature is low

    Solution: The melting tube temperature and nozzle temperature should be increased.

    6, injection pressure, speed setting is too small

    Solution: The corresponding parameter Settings should be increased.